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2013 Volkswagen Beetle part of R $ 76,600 with original charm of the Beetle

  • Volkswagen Beetle 2013: male, full of classical references and ready to become a hit
    Volkswagen Beetle 2013: male, full of classical references and ready to become a hit
Volkswagen needed to perform one movement, one stirred, the successor to the New Beetle, 1998, a success: instead of retiring the existing vase of flowers beside the steering wheel. Nothing else was needed. But engineers and designers Germans were once buried and beyond the "flower power" theme of the previous model. The new Beetle incorporates not only the name, but also the style of the original Volkswagen (which arrived in Brazil in 1950), combined with a mechanical current, the same as the Jetta TSI, as everything to please not only the males nor patricinhas only, but to all kinds of audience.

Photo album shows classy Beetle vs Beetle

Picture 1 of 26 -  The Classic Beetle (left): This was the starting point for the new Beetle, and not in name only, a curiosity: the two cars are white - Lotus in the original tone, the current Crystal  Goes Murilo / UOL
The resumption of the original name - which is official document is in the car: VW Beetle 2.0 - also brought the charisma of the original model in tow. Thus, the new Beetle is tired of being presented to the public: first in September, with Neymar and an entire team of celebrities first and second division, all eager to appear more than the car ( recall here ), then at  the Auto Show in Sao Paul , in October, when she won price tags and an entire wing in the VW booth for you - although it was overshadowed by the small and Taigun Up ( here ), and, finally, two weeks ago, along with the new Volkswagen CC (former Passat CC) and Tiguan R-Line, forming the trio of models killers line of premium brand ( read more about this event and how the four-door coupe goes here ).
The new Beetle prices would have only two officers, one for the car with manual transmission and one for the automated, but Volkswagen maintains its old habitual policy packages and so the values ​​are as follows:
+  Beetle 2.0 TSI: U.S. $ 76,600
The base mechanics brings 2 liter engine, turbo and supercharged by direct injection of gasoline, generating 200 horsepower (at 5100 rpm) and torque of 28.55 Nm (in early 1700 spins) , six-speed manual transmission and McPherson suspension in front and Multilink at the rear. 
Already the list of standard equipment is generous brings 17-inch wheels spin and brake calipers painted red, electric power steering, air, electric mirrors, rear spoiler bicolor; pedals and dual chrome tip exhaust, onboard computer, watches on central panel (oil temperature, turbo timer and pressure); tele sound system with touch screen, CD changer, Bluetooth telephony and eight speakers; coating mixed for leather seats and steering wheel, doors lighting (white, blue and red).
In security, foglamps, parking sensors front and rear, cruise control, dual front and side airbags, ABS brakes (antilock), ASR (traction control), ESC (stability control), assistant to uphill and XDS (electronic differential lock).
+ Beetle 2.0 TSI DSG: U.S. $ 80,990
The same equipment, but led by box automated dual-clutch (DSG) six-speed.
+ Complete Beetle, used in the evaluation: R $ 102,271
DSG Package plus the following optional packages (names in bold): technological (S $ 2,850)  for manual exchanges made ​​into butterflies behind the steering wheel, air conditioning, dual-zone digital, lights reading front, antiglare rearview and windshield wipers automatic,  power sunroof (£ 2,900) ; radio RNS315  ( U.S. $ 2,325 ) with GPS navigator;  kessy (£ 1,656)  for opening / locking the doors and starting the button engine without using the key,  bi-xenon (£ 3,680)  with 15 LEDs; Vienna leather seats (U.S. $ 4,190) , and the front-profile sports with;  Twister wheels (£ 2,050) alloy lighter and 18 inches, and  Fender sound (£ 1,630)  with ten channels, 400 W subwoofer and USB connection.
First observation: it is possible to order the original Beetle and endow them with any optional packages individually and there may be output to a car with the most expensive of the owner.
Second and more important addendum: it is  impossible to  say that a car of $ 102,000 is cheap or justified. But a sports model, with 200 horsepower, six-speed exchange and equipment to make curves and played strong safety (dosa differential lock brakes to prevent the wheels on the inside of the curve sliding false) to £ 77 000 can start to shake some paradigms of a market where three-door cars and 122 horses (not reported) are sold as sports for more than £ 80,000. The more portable would rival the Audi A1 Sport, which costs $ 110,000,  but has "only" 185 horsepower under the hood .

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