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State of Washington
State  of the  United States USA
Flag of WashingtonSeal of Washington
Nickname (s) :  The Evergreen State 
Motto (s) :  Al-ki  or  Alki
(Do  chinook jargon : Bye Bye)
Map of USA with Washington highlighted
Largest citySeattle
GovernorJay Inslee  ( D )
Official LanguageNo. The  English  is  de facto
Electoral college11 votes
SenatorsPatty Murray  ( D ) Maria Cantwell  ( D)
Area184 660.82 [1]  km ²  (18th largest)
 -  Earth172 118.99 km ²
 -  Water12 541.83 km ² (6.79%)
Population ( 2010 )
 -  Population7330540 [1]  (12th most populous)
 -  Density39.07 inhabitants / km ² (25 º denser)
 -  GDP
Union entry
 -  DateNovember 11  of  1889
 -  Order42 º
Time zonePacific :  UTC -8/-7
Latitude45 ° 32 'N - 49 ° N
Longitude116 ° 57 '- 124 ° 48' W
Length  N - S385  km
Length  E - The580 km
 -  Average altitude520  m
 -  Highest point4392 m
 -  Point lower0 m
 -  ISO 3166-2US-WA
Portal Portal USA

Washington  is one of 50  states  of the United States , located in the so called states of the Pacific . The state was named after the leader of U.S. forces in  the American Revolution of 1776  and the first U.S. president ,  George Washington . The names of many cities and counties in the United States honoring several American Presidents, but the state of Washington is the only state to be named after an American president. The state should not be confused with the U.S. capital,  Washington, District of Columbia . Therefore, in the country, Washington state, is often called the  state of Washington , while Washington, the national capital, is called DC ( abbreviation  of  the District of Columbia).
Washington has huge  forests , whose  trees not defoliate in the fall or winter. These forests give the state the nickname of Evergreen State . In Portuguese ,  Evergreen means  evergreen . Its large forests make Washington a leader of American timber industry. Washington is cut by several  rivers and covered by several  lakes , creating a breeding ground for the installation of  dams. The country's largest, the  Grand Coulee Dam , located in the state, the  Columbia River . The economy of Washington, however, is centered primarily on manufacturing  (primarily aerospace and computer), the financial sector and in tourism . The largest manufacturer of  aircraft in the world,  Boeing , is headquartered in Washington, and many of its factories are located in the state.
Washington was first explored by the Spanish . Later, the British  would install itself in the region where the state of Washinton is currently located. The area was originally part of a region called the Oregon Country  - a disputed territory between the Americans and the  British  in the decades between  1810  and  1840 . In 1846 , the Treaty of Oregon requires that all lands south of the 49th parallel of  Oregon Contry  would be controlled by the United States - with the exception of  Vancouver Island . By  1859 , Washington was part of the  Oregon Territory , created from the American side of  Oregon Contry in  1848 .In 1859, Washington Territory was created and named after  George Washington . On November 11th  of  1889 , Washington became the 42nd U.S. state.


edit ]

Several tribes  Native Americans  were already established in the region, thousands of years before the arrival of the first Europeans . Most of these tribes was part of two distinct indigenous groups: the  salishianos  and penutianos . The first lived primarily in northern and coastal Washington, while penutianos lived primarily inside, along the west and south of the state.
The first Europeans to explore Washington were the  Spaniards , after  the 1750s . The Spanish intensively explored the coast of the modern State, and Washington claimed the Spanish crown.But not established any permanent settlement. Such explorations were made ​​under fear of an expanding  Russian , who then controlled the  Alaska , southward. The British  George Vancouver was the first European to map the coast of the present State of Washington, over the year of 1792 . However, the British, at least initially, also not interested in founding any permanent settlements in the region, although they claimed the region to the British crown.
The American  Robert Gray , along with his expedition, composed of hunters and traders, became the first American  to explore the interior of Washington, taking advantage of  Boston , Massachusetts , at the behest of a private company. They landed on the coast of Washington in 1792. The United States then went to claim the region. Traders and British and American hunters hunted and traded in the region of the current state of Washington. The  Hudson's Bay Company founded the first permanent settlement in the region, the present city of  Vancouver .

View from Washington state capitol in 1800 .
The American expansion westward resulted in increasing numbers of American settlers settling in the region from  the 1840s . The United States started to claim that all land located south of parallel 54 º 40 'N and west of the  Rockies .Already the British demanded that the border would be the parallel 49 º N, and this boundary would proceed southward, following the course of the  Columbia River , west of the Rockies - in this case, much of the west of the current state of Washington would be under control UK. In 1846 , the United States and Britain reached an agreement demarcating the border between the United States and the British colonies in the region along the 49th parallel.
In  1848 , under pressure from American settlers installed in the northwestern United States, the U.S. government created the  Oregon Territory , and implemented a government in the region. This territory incorporating all the current states of  Oregon ,  Idaho  and Washington. During  the 1850s,  Seattle  was founded. In  1859 , Oregon was elevated to the state. The Oregon Territory became the Territory of Washington. Subsequently, the government of the territory of Washington began pressuring indigenous natives of the region to settle in reserves, and thus free land to white settlers. The salishianos accepted, but not penutianos, which went to war with the white settlers in the region in  1855 . The war between the American colonists and the Indians lasted until  1858 , when penutianos were defeated and forced to move to Indian reservations.
From the beginning of  the 1860s , increasing numbers of settlers began to settle in the Territory of Washington, thanks to the discovery of large mines  gold  in the region. The population growth of the area led to the secession of areas west of Washington, for the formation of the Territory of Idaho. The territorial limits of Washington since then, most have not changed. The strong population growth in Washington persisted in  the 1870s  and  1880 . Seattle became a major  port city . In 1883 , the  Northern Pacific Railway  was opened, connecting Washington to the east. On November 11th  of  1889 , the territory was elevated to the category of state. Washington became the 42nd state of the United States.

edit ]1889 - current times

The economy of Washington in its first decades as a state, depended primarily on  agriculture  and mining. Throughout  the 1890s , Americans used modern irrigation techniques now allow the practice of agriculture in the desert region of eastern Washington. There the  cattle  was replaced by crops  wheat . Other sources of income were important to the timber industry, fishing and food processing.
At the beginning of  the twentieth century , Washington's reputation in the country was a wild and dangerous land, as much as the rest of the American West, but with timber replacing the cowboys  and the  forests  of the state replaced the deserts. A particular city,  Aberdeen  had the reputation of being the  hardest city west of the Mississippi , due to gambling, violence, widespread use of drugs  and  prostitution .
Seattle prospered with the American population migration toward  Hawaii  and  Alaska , and was a primary center supply in Hawaii for several decades, and is today the main supply center of Alaska. Washington's economy began to prosper greatly from the beginning of the  First World War . Timber production and food has increased enormously. Seattle also became an industrialized city, one of the largest manufacturers of  ships  and  aircraft  in general throughout the war. The  Boeing  was founded in  1917  in Seattle. The war led to greater unity among the workers of the state, and several unions  were created in Washington. After the war, in  February of  1919 , the city's unions organized a general strike in Seattle. More than 60 thousand workers went on strike.
The  Great Depression , which began in  1929 , ruined the state's economy. To try to minimize the problems caused by the Depression, such as poverty,  unemployment  and poverty, the state began construction of several buildings, among them several dams , culminating with the opening of  Grand Coulee Dam in  1941 , today the largest in operation USA.
Washington's economy rebounded with the onset of  World War II . The metropolitan area of Seattle, thanks to its proximity to the front of the Pacific, has become one of the largest manufacturers of military ships, and militates largest aircraft manufacturer, the country. In  1943 , the U.S. government launched a  nuclear plant  in the state, the  Hanford Engineering Works , as part of the  Manhattan Project to produce  plutonium  needed for the manufacture of  nuclear weapons . This plant has generated much of the nuclear fuel used in  atomic bombs  used on Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki . The state is rapidly industrialized, during and after the end of World War II, and agriculture, mining and wood industry lost much importance in the economy of the state.
During  the 1960s , the U.S. government adopted a series of program designed to clean up polluted rivers and lakes polluted by industrial waste and  sewage . The rise of Boeing as the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world has led to a large population growth in metropolitan Seattle. In  1962 , Seattle hosted the World's Fair in 1962. The biggest attraction of the fair was the construction and opening of the  Space Needle , a  tower  of 184 meters high, was inaugurated a year earlier, in 1961 . Later, in  1964 , the governments of Canada and the United States initiated a joint program for the construction of several dams along the  Columbia River  and tributaries.
On  May 18th  of  1980 , the  volcano  Mount St. Helens  erupted. Previously dormant for hundreds of centuries, the volcano literally exploded, causing total destruction in a radius of about 25 miles.57 people died, and more than four billion dollars in damage was caused. Washington's economy went into a recession that lasted for about two years. The eruption threw volcanic ash in a radius of more than 1500 km from the explosion, primarily in the first 200 miles, covering several cities in the state with a thick layer of ash several centimeters thick.
The NPP  Hanford Engineering Works , launched several tons of water (used as cooler) slightly radioactive per day on the Columbia River. Moreover, failures along the structure caused the soil around the reactor stay contaminated. The reactors were closed progressively between  1964  and 1971 , and in  1989 , the U.S. government and the state began a major program of cleaning, which is scheduled for completion around  2030 .
In  1996 ,  Gary Locke  was elected governor of the state. Locke was the first American descent Chinese  to be elected governor of an American state.


Map of Washington and its 39 counties.

View of  Mount Rainier , the highest point in the state, with its 4392 meters of altitude.
Washington is located in the northwest of the contiguous 48 states of the United States. It is limited to the  Pacific Ocean  to the west, with the province  Canadian  from British Columbia  to the north, and the U.S. states of  Idaho  and the eastern  Oregon south. The  Columbia River forms most of the border between Washington and Oregon. Washington is a state of contrasts.Much of the state is covered by forests. The region's forests  Olimpia Peninsula  are among the rainiest in the world. Moreover, much of the east of the state is arid, where trees are very rare to find.The altitude variation of the state is enormous, ranging from zero meters along the coast to more than four thousand meters. With nearly 185 square kilometers [1] , is the  18th largest U.S. state in area of the country .
The  coastline  of the state along the Pacific Ocean has about 255 miles long. Counting up all regions bathed by the sea -  bays ,  estuaries and islands  ocean - the total rises to 4870 km. The main river of the state is the  Columbia River , whose source is located in British Columbia. The river cuts Washington from the north towards the south, turning westward in froneira state with Oregon. The Columbia River cuts through Washington for about 1100 km.  Dams  installed along the river produce half of all electricity generated by power plants in the country, the  Grand Coulee Dam  is currently the third largest dam in the world, and the largest country.
Several other rivers cross the state, rising in the  Rocky Mountains  and running toward the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River. Forests cover about half of the state, most state forests are located in western Washington.
Washington may be divided into six distinct geographical regions:
  • The  Rockies  occupy the northwestern state of Washington. It is characterized by its high altitude and its highly rugged terrain. It has several mines of  gold ,  zinc ,  granite and  magnesium .
  • The  Columbia Plateau  occupies much of central Washington, as well as all the central-east and southeast of the state. It is characterized by having altitudes ranging between 150 and 600 meters, surrounded by other regions of highest altitude, and its ground relatively little bumpy. Located just south of the Rocky Mountains.
  • The  Cascade Mountains  stretch from British Columbia to northern  California  and Nevada . It lies immediately west of the Rocky Mountains and the Columbia plateau. It is characterized as a region that has several  volcanoes  assets, including the  Mount St. Helens , which killed 57 people and caused billions of dollars in damage after a massive eruption on  May 18 . It has a highly rugged terrain, and several peaks over three thousand meters. The highest point in the state,  Mount Ranier , has about 4392 meters of altitude.
  • The  lowlands of the Puget Sound  extend east of the Cascade Mountains. Located by its rugged terrain little by its very fertile soil and the presence of large forests - about 70% of state forests are located in this region. It is the most populated region of the state.
  • The  Olympic mountains  are located in the northwest of the state, and east and north of the Puget Sound lowlands. It is characterized by its highly rugged terrain, and the presence of mountains with thousand feet or more. It is a sparsely populated region.
  • The  Coastal Mountains  stretch from the southern coast of the state until the central coast of  Oregon . Most of this area is covered by forests. It is characterized by its rugged terrain, mountain and its low altitude.

edit ]Climate

Thanks to the proximity of large bodies of  water  and the warm ocean currents of the Pacific Ocean, the western state of Washington has the  climate  milder than any Northern state of the 48 contiguous states of the United States. The state's climate is  temperate , with four distinct seasons. The  summers  are cool and the state less hot than other state's north, while the  winters are relatively mild in Washington, hotter than any other state in the north. Much of western Washington has very high rates of  rainfall  annual average. Already the east of the state has hot summers and cold winters, with low rates of annual precipitation.
In winter, the  temperature  average is 5  º C  in the west and -3 ° C in the eastern state. The lowest averages are recorded in the higher altitudes of Washington, -8 ° C in regions with 1600 meters or more. Low temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to 12 ° C, maximum temperatures vary between -22 ° C and 18 ° C. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the state was recorded in the northeastern state on  December 30  of  1968 , which registered a low of -44 ° C.
In summer, the average temperature is 16 ° C in the west and 23 ° C in the eastern state. The lowest averages are recorded along the coast of Washington. Low temperatures ranging from 5 ° C to 18 ° C, maximum temperatures between 14 ° C and 35 ° C. The highest temperature ever recorded in the state was recorded in the southeastern state, on  August 5th  of  1961 , which was recorded at a maximum of 48 ° C.
The rates of average annual precipitation of  rain  in Washington between 100  cm  to 350 cm per year in the western state just 10 cm to 35 cm in the central-eastern state. The rates of average annual precipitation of  snow  ranges from 15 inches at the coast, 130 cm to 200 cm in the mountain regions and 30 cm in the central-east.


View of the  Washington State Capitol inOlympia .
The current  constitution  came into effect in Washington in  1889 , created prior to the elevation of the category of Washington State. Amendments  to the Constitution are proposed by the Legislature of Washington, and to be approved, must receive at least two-thirds of the Senate and  House of Representatives of the State , and then at least two-thirds of the voting population of Washington, in a  referendum .Amendments may also be made ​​through constitutional conventions , political gatherings special, which must be approved by at least 51% by each House of the Legislature and then by at least 60% of the voting population of the state in a referendum.
The highest official of the  executive branch  of Washington's  governor . The population chooses through elections the state governor for terms of up to four years duration. They can apply as many times as they want. The state governor has the power to choose from over 350 different officers.
The  Legislature  of Washington consists of the  Senate  and the  House of Representatives . The Senate consists of 49 senators, while the House of Representatives is composed of 98 members.The senators' terms are four years and the terms of Representatives are two years. Both senators as representatives may apply for re-election as many times as desired.
The highest judicial court of the  Judiciary  Washington is the Washington Supreme Court. The nine  judges  of this court are elected by the people of the state for a term of up to six years in duration. Elections for positions on the Supreme Court are held every three years, with three judges elected by election. Then the highest state court is the  Court of Appeals of Washington .This is up by 22 judges, elected by the people of the state for a term of up to six years in duration.No judge can apply for re-election in a given judicial court.
Washington is divided in 39 different counties. Most of these 39 counties are governed by a board consisting of 3 members. Washington has about 300 cities. Any city with more than 20,000 inhabitants are free to choose their form of municipal government.
About 60% of the revenue of the government budget is generated by Washington  tax  state. The rest comes from grants provided by the federal government and  loans . In  2002 , the state government has spent 30.378 billion dollars and generated 23.813 billion dollars. The  government debt  Washington is 13.552 billion dollars. The debt per capita is $ 2,234, the amount of state taxes per capita is $ 2,082, and the value of government spending per capita is $ 5,007.
Both the  Democratic Party  and the  Republican Party  had throughout the  twentieth century strong presence in Washington. Most of the population of the major cities and most populous state support Democratic candidates, while voters in rural areas and smaller cities tend to support Republican candidates.


Population Growth
CensusPop% ±
In 18501201
In 186011 594865.4%
In 187023 955106.6%
In 188075 116213.6%
In 1890357 232375.6%
In 1900518 10345.0%
In 19101141990120.4%
In 1920135662118.8%
In 1930156339615.2%
In 1940173619111.1%
In 1950237896337.0%
In 1960285321419.9%
In 1970340916919.5%
In 1980413215621.2%
In 1990486669217.8%
In 2000589412121.1%
In 2010672454014.1%
Source:  U.S. Census [1] [2] [3]
The  census  of American  2000  estimated the population of Washington in 5,894,121 inhabitants, an increase of 21% on the population of  1990 , of 4,866,692 inhabitants. An estimate made ​​in  2005  estimated the state's population at 6,287,759 residents, an increase of 29.1% compared to the state's population in 1990 of 6.7% compared to the state's population in 2000, and 1 3% compared to the estimated population of  2004 .
The natural population growth in Washington between 2000 and 2005 was 180 160 inhabitants - 418,055 births minus 237,895 deaths - population growth caused by  immigration  was 134,242 inhabitants, while interstate migration resulted in a gain of 80 974 inhabitants. Between 2000 and 2005, Washington's population grew by 393,619 people, and between 2004 and 2005, 80 713 inhabitants.
About 631,500 people in Washington were born outside the United States (10.3% of the state population), of which an estimated hundred thousand (1.6% of the state population) are illegal immigrants.
About 83% of the population lives in metropolitan Washington.Most of these regions is the metropolitan area of  Seattle . Seattle is the largest city in the state, with its 608 000 inhabitants. Its metropolitan area has about 3.5 million inhabitants, or about two-fifths of the state population. In total, more than 82% of the state population living in cities. Most of the state's population lives in the northwest of the state.
6.7% of the population of Washington has less than 5 years old, 25.7% are under 18 years of age, and 11.2% of the state population possesses 65 years of age or older. Females make up 50.2% of the state population.

edit ]Race and ethnicity

Racial composition of the population of Washington:
The five largest  ethnic groups  in Washington are  Germans  (who make up 18.7% of the state population),  British  (12%), Irish  (11.4%),  Norwegian  (6.2%) and  Mexico  (5.6% ). The Mexicans are concentrated primarily in the southeastern and south-central, where they work in the fields as cheap labor. Many of these farm workers are illegal, however. The population of Asian descent Washington is the fifth largest in the country. The largest Asian ethnic group in the state are the  Filipinos .

edit ]Religion

Percentage of population by religious affiliation of Washington:
Like most states in the American West, the percentage of non-religious people in Washington is relatively high, much higher than elsewhere in the country. The percentage of non-religious state of Washington is the highest of any U.S. state, and the rates of religious affiliation to  churches  or other religious institutions is among the lowest in the country.

Seattle , the largest city in the state.

Olympia , the capital and largest city of the twenty-second state.

edit ]Major cities


Trunks  of  trees  floating in  Gold Creek .Washington is one of the national leaders of the American timber industry.
The economy is concentrated primarily in Washington and largely in the tertiary sector. The  gross domestic product  (GDP) of the state was 244 billion  U.S. dollars in  2003 . The per capita income  for the state was $ 33,332. The rate of  unemployment  in Washington is 6.2%. The center of economic, financial and industrial state is Seattle .
The  primary sector  accounts for 2% of GDP in Washington. The  agriculture  and  livestockaccount for 1.6% of the state GDP, and employ about 140,000 people. Washington has about 39,000  farms , of which 13 000 are dependent on modern irrigation techniques for growing crops.The main products grown or raised in the state are  corn ,  apple  (the state is the largest producer),  milk , cherry  and beef  cow . The total value of agricultural products produced by the state is $ 5.4 billion. The timber industry corresponds to 0.35% of the state GDP and employs about five thousand people. The  fishing accounts for 0.05% of GDP in Washington and employs about two thousand people. The annual value of the fishery collected in the state is $ 100 million.
The  secondary sector  accounts for 17% of GDP in Washington. The industry  manufacturing accounts for 12% of the state GDP and employs about 375,000 people. The total value of the products manufactured in the state per year is 35 billion dollars. The main industrial products are manufactured in Washington  airplanes ,  ships , development of  software , electronics, foods and paper and wood products. The  Boeing , the largest builder of airplanes in the world, is headquartered in the state, in Seattle, as well as its main factories. The  Microsoft , the  Amazon and  Nintendo of America  are also based in Washington. The industry of  construction  accounts for 4.6% of the state GDP and employs about 212,000 people. The  mining accounts for 0.4% of the state GDP and employs about five thousand people. The main products mined in the state arecoal ,  gold  and  sand .
The  service sector  accounts for 81% of GDP in Washington.  community service and personal correspond to 24% of the state GDP, and employ over 1.1 million people. Washington is a major financial center, and  Seattle  is the major financial center of the state and a major West Coast.Services  financial  and  real estate  account for 18% of GDP of the state and employs about 270,000 people. The  trade  wholesale and retail account for 17% of the state GDP and employ more than 770,000 people.  government services  account for 13% of the state GDP and employ more than 553,000 people. Transport, telecommunications and utilities account for 9% of the state GDP and employ around 172 000 people. About 78% of the  electricity  generated in the state is produced in  hydroelectric plants . No American state produces more electricity from hydropower than Washington. 13% of the electricity generated in the state is produced by power plants to coal , and 9.5% by  nuclear power plants . The remaining 0.5% are generated by  wind farms  and solar plants .


The first  school  of Washington was founded in  1832 in  Vancouver , built for the  education  of the children of employees of the Hudson's Bay Company . The state instituted a public school system throughout the state in  1895 .
Currently, all educational institutions in Washington need to follow rules and standards dictated by the State Board of Education in Washington. This advice directly controls the public school system of the state, which is divided into different  school districts . Each primary city ( city ), several secondary cities ( towns ) and each county is served by one school district. In cities, the responsibility to manage the schools is the local school district, while in the less densely populated, this is responsibility of school districts operating throughout the county in general.Washington allows operation of  charter schools  - independent public schools that are not run by school districts, but which rely on public funds to operate. School attendance is compulsory for all children  and  adolescents  with more than eight years, until the completion of  high school  or until the age of eighteen.
In  1999 , public schools in the state met about 1.004 million students, employing approximately 50,400 teachers . Private schools attended approximately 76,900 students, employing approximately 5700 teachers. The public school system in the state consumed about 6.098 billion dollars, and the expense of public schools was approximately $ 6,600 per student. About 89% of the inhabitants of the state with over 25 years of age have a high school diploma.
The first  library  public Washington was built in  1853 , the current state capital,  Olympia . The state currently has 65 public library systems, which handle an annual average of 9.6 books per capita. The first institution of higher education  in Washington, the  University of Washington , was inaugurated in  1861 . Currently, Washington has 78 institutions of higher education, of which 45 are public and 33 are private. Seattle stands as the largest center of education in the state.Washington does not have a public system of higher education institutions, all 45 public institutions of higher education in Washington are administered each independently from the other, by the state.


Thanks to its strategic location, close to  Alaska,  Hawaii  and  Asia ,  Seattle became a major hub  airport  and  port  American. Several flights departing the  International Airport Seattle-Tacoma connecting the country with many cities in Asia, Hawaii and Alaska. The  Alaska Airlines  has its headquarters in Seattle International Airport. The Port of Seattle is one of the busiest West Coast.Moreover, the state administers the largest company of  ferry in the world, that connects Seattle with cities in the islands  delta  of  the Columbia River .
About 20 companies  railway  providing freight transportation services and passengers in the state. The  Amtrak  provides passenger service between major cities of the state. In  2003 , the state had 132,391 km of roads and highways, of which 1,230 km were considered part of the federal interstate highway system.
The first  newspaper  published in Washington was  The Columbian , first published in Olympia in 1852 . Currently in the state are published about 200 papers, including 28 daily. Are printed in about 175 periodicals. The first station  radio  of Washington was founded in  1920 in Everett, and the first season of  television  in the state was founded in  1948 in Seattle. Currently, Washington has 188 radio stations - of which 73 are  AM  and 115 are  FM  - and 26 television stations.


Cliff  and  hot spring  at Ruby Beach,Olympic National Park ,  Washington .
State Symbols === ===

* Tree:  Tsuga , adopted in  1947
* Alias:  Evergreen State
* Dance:  Quadrille , adopted in  1979
* Flower:  Rhododendron , adopted in  1892
* Fossil:  Mammoth , adopted in  1998
* Fruit:  Apple , adopted in  1989
* Gem:  Petrified Wood, adopted in  1975
* Grass:  Agropyron spicatum
* Insect:  Dragonfly , adopted in  1997
* Motto:  Al-ki  or  Alki  (the  Chinook jargon : Bye Bye)
* Mammal:  Orca
Music:  Washington, My Home  (Washington, My Home), adopted in  1959
* Folk:  Roll On, Columbia, Roll On , adopted in  1987
* Ship:  Port container-  President Washington , adopted in  1983
* Bird:  Carduelis tristis , adopted in  1951
* Fish:  Rainbow trout , adopted in  1969
* Slogan:  Experience Washington, The Evergreen State  (Experienced Washington State's Persistent Sheet)

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